‘¡Libertad!’: Cuban Metal Bands Get Their First Taste Of Freedom

View this image ‘ From left to right: Justo Valdez, Alejandro de la Torre, Horacio ‘El Negro’ Hernandez, Alejandro Padron, Jezabel Sigler, Yando Coy. Bottom Row: Ewar Acosta,Yanio Lee, Jennifer Hernandez Photograph by Tracey Noelle Luz I’m standing outside an old theater amid throngs of dudes

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The Sly Little Thought That Gives Birth To Mad Geniuses

If Steve Jobs didn’t truly believe he could change the world, I wouldn’t be on this computer writing this sentence. I also wouldn’t have been able to accidentally drop my BRAND NEW iPhone in that hot tub, so I guess the Apple revolution came at a price. Read more:

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